Keep your company growing. organized. up to date. efficient.profitable.

Dispatch Commodity can help your company be all of the above. Our diligent staff work around the clock to ensure that you have the right tools to get the job done.

Who We Are

Dispatch Commodity (aka Dispatch Crude) provides the best bulk commodity transportation software on the market. We pride ourselves to delivering the best-in-class bulk transportation software help desk support team in the country United States. Our dispatch and billing (settlement) commodity software exceed the expectations of all our clients as well as their customers e-ticketing requirements.

Our bulk transportation software offers flexible billing plans based on your business size and needs. Any and all bulk material transportation carriers enjoy having all of their commodities in one system.

Our client’s customers are impressed with the data exchange capabilities for all of the hauled bulk commodities. Not only do they receive automated reporting services, but they can access their data at any time through the cloud!

  • We are a technology company that is not owned in any part by any trucking company or any other conflict of interest entity, so your data is safe and confidential with us.
  • We are 100% U.S. based. Our software is developed on U.S. Soil, and supported on U.S. Soil, by U.S. citizens. Our data centers are also located exclusively in the continental U.S.
  • We are 100% debt free.
  • We are agile, nimble, and truly in a strong position to provide superior 24/7/365 customer service with accuracy and a sense of urgency.