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The Best Dispatch Software For Your Business

Dispatching is one of the most important jobs at any trucking business. Dispatch Commodity helps our customers make the most out of every dispatch in a variety of ways that we have developed over the years. Whether you are an owner operator looking to move away from dispatching your loads out of a spreadsheet, or work with a company that uses outdated software and are looking to update, we are going to go through some of the features to look for in your next dispatching software.



                When it comes down to it the biggest factor for most trucking companies is how much a software will cost to implement. It really relies upon on the scope of the business you are trying to find a dispatch software. Small operations that are 1-2 trucks will be able to use a free to use software or even manage dispatches with just a phone and a spreadsheet. The issue with free software is usually that they have limited support and features you get what you pay for. Any business larger than just 1-2 trucks is going to need a good trucking software solution that includes dispatch software. Ideally you also want to have the software be scalable so that you can continue to use it as your business grows.

                For trucking companies that have preexisting dispatch software, pricing is of course still important, but features and support may carry more weight than just upfront price alone. Ideally you will want to look for a software that not only has more features than your current software but has the onboarding and migration process detailed to minimize downtime. Here are some of the bigger price point items to look for when you are upgrading your dispatch software.

Bulk Data Migration

    • Being able to quickly get your old data into the new system is important. Some dispatch software services may charge for this service or not have the ability at all. Hand keying your data from one system to another can be costly and add the possibility of data entry errors. Those errors could result in untimely corrections which could cost money down the road.

Onboarding and Training

    • Check to see if the new client onboarding process has any fees associated with training and setup. Also, make sure that continued customer service and training sessions are included in the pricing model, or even better free of charge. Some dispatch software services may have a charge per case or call system and those can add up quickly when you are using new software.


    • Make sure that the new dispatch software can either run on the equipment currently in use by your drivers or check that the dispatch software can run on a standard mobile device. Other dispatch software services require proprietary equipment to run their applications, may be expensive, and may be limited to only running the new software related applications.

Flexible Pricing Model

    • Several dispatch software services are just part of a larger software suite that may have multiple packages of features you do not need or want to pay for. Being able to negotiate a rate and service package for your trucking business is a nice touch and can help lower overall cost.


                After you have found a few dispatch software candidates within your trucking companies price range ask about scheduling a demo. You want to be able to make sure the dispatch software does what you need and is not overly complicated. For smaller trucking companies it is also important to be able to access the dispatch software from multiple devices and device types since you may not have a dedicated office with a workstation to use. Even companies with dedicated dispatch offices and workstations may still want to have the flexible access to the software due to work from home situations.

                Another thing to be mindful of during a demonstration is how much of a learning curve would there be for the back-office staff and drivers receiving the dispatches. Depending on what sort of data you are collecting for your dispatched loads, you may need custom ticketing as well. Trucking dispatch software services normally come with a basic electronic ticketing system, but every business is different so be sure to check you can collect the specific data that you and your customer need. In addition to collecting the ticketing data, you want to be able to view and or show you customers this data too in a simple to view and export format.

Ease of Use

                Last but certainly not least you want to ensure the dispatch software is simple to use. The software can have a laundry list of features and a low price point, but if it is overly complicated to use you will eventually find yourself regretting your choice. Frustrated drivers and dispatchers can mean loss of time and productivity. Look for a software that can do what you need, but with an easy-to-use interface. Most commonly that means map integrations and a solid cloud-based application.

                In the end you want to invest in the best dispatch software that fits your budget. Take the time to do your research and establish a line of communication between you and your prospective software providers. Be sure to explain your needs fully and completely, provide all your expectations, and agree on the support service level so that you know what you are getting for your money and your valuable time.

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