Dispatch Commodity is the bulk transport software solution for you!

   Our Support Team works diligently around the clock to provide our clients with live help to assist you and your drivers whenever you need us. Our support team motto is “accuracy with a sense of urgency.” We can manage any office duties (within the scope of our tier 1 support) to help you with your operation and labor costs, particularly on nights and weekends. We understand your job keeps you in the truck. We develop the software for the bulk transportation industry to keep you moving. Our experienced and highly trained support staff are available to answer the phone without the use of automated answering services, prompt options, or voicemails. We answer your call if you have any trouble in the field and do our part in helping you minimize downtime.

   Our Driver Map feature allows you to audit and track your entire fleet from your computer! Drivers leave a digital footprint when accepting, picking up, and dropping off loads. This digital footprint, paired with GPS tracking, stores recorded driver activity, and allows for transit playback. Featuring Geofence technology, this assures that drivers will be alerted when trying to pick-up or drop-off loads outside of a defined location. As an added feature, dispatch loads based on how close a driver is to a defined location.

   Dispatch Commodity offers a suite of finance management tools to help your business maximize profits. Handle all of your finances in Dispatch Commodity and eliminate the need for separate shipper, carrier, and driver settlement software. Dispatch Commodity's settlement feature allows our clients to easily close out the loads in batches for invoicing to customers and as well as payment to carriers and drivers. Customized reports linked to the Pricebook and Settlement feature allow users to export previews in their reporting templates or export the final invoice with a tailored header. Know what to expect when gauging the RIO or profitability between invoicing and payroll.

    With Dispatch Commodity's Compliance feature you can keep track of all the necessary documents for your bulk transport company. Dispatch Commodity allows you to set expiration dates and custom document categories to keep any type of document your business needs up to date and easily accessible.

    The Dispatch Planner makes it easy to drag and drop the loads on the drivers based on the minimal dead head miles, and the estimated cost of time for each load, which the system continues to learn and update automatically.Dispatch Commodity's Dispatch Planner can also show drivers based on their availability to ensure the correct drivers receive dispatches.

    When it comes to Data Exchange, Dispatch Commodity developed the best-in-class feature to accomplish all reporting needs. Report Center is a robust, ad hoc feature that provides exports in multiple formats. There are over 600 available data fields to choose from. With the industry using a wide variety for the terminology, Dispatch Commodity made the Captions within exports customizable. Additional options of tracked reports, date source selection, export/non-export of columns, data formats, data sorts, groups, filters, and Excel actions are easily configured to provide the data in the required fashion.

    The development of the SSRS reporting feature provided yet another method of exporting from a database into the multiple file types. The SSRS feature allows for a custom database report with various data filters and groups. These reports can also be setup within our integrations feature as user subscriptions.

    Dispatch Commodity took the integration a step further with the implementation of email subscriptions. These email subscriptions allow a user to select the Data Source of the report. Select a report, set the file name and type, and provide an optional timestamp format. Then, choose whether to include the eBOLs. Next, select the frequency of days and set the times the report should be sent. Finally, you can select the integration type of email, FTP, or Azure Blob. Have another integration type? We can develop additional integrations upon customer request.

   When a carrier signs a contract, they are provided with spreadsheet after spreadsheet of data to review and enter into their systems of record. Dispatch Commodity makes this process easier with the use of our tenured support team and our flexible import process. With Dispatch Commodity’s Import Center, the user submits the data in the format they received. Dispatch Commodity then reviews the data through a data normalization process. The duplicate data, special characters, and formatting are removed. The file is tested within the Import Center Designer prior to the final data import for additional error identification.

   Import Center boasts the use of the database to directly import the records into their respected tables. The Custom Data feature allows for the link of other business software data to the Dispatch Commodity records. Custom Data can be import and exported throughout the site on all applicable pages and utilized in the Report Center.

   Utilizing the latest Android technology, drivers can easily access their orders on the go with our platform bundles. Each device comes equipped with our application, DC Driver, making hand-written tickets a thing of the past. DC Driver is a web-based Android application that allows drivers to accept and complete loads at the touch of a button! Drivers can also take pictures of wells, meters, and gauges within the DC Driver app. Our light-weight hardware provides flexibility and ease of access, while keeping your data secured. We value our clients time, so DC Driver is regularly updated and maintained to ensure a pleasant working experience.

   We are partnered with Brother due to their offering of a variety of mobile printers based on the company’s needs. The Brother printers are small enough to fit in trucks and easily pair with our devices via Bluetooth. When paired with DC Driver, this allows drivers the ability to print multiple ticket copies at whim.Combine this reliable hardware bundle with our robust Dispatch Commodity site for the best bulk transport software solution for your company.