DC Driver Dispatch Data Software Retention

DC Retains Driver Order Data

 Dispatch Commodity spent most of the early years focused on developing the features and functionality the client needed to improve their bulk transportation field operations. With this mindset, DC continually exceeded the expectations of the solutions developed.

  For dispatchers, one of the features was the Driver Reassignment. If a Dispatcher sent a load to a driver and their tablet synced the load to their mobile device, then that load is marked on the server as “received” by the driver. A driver can then go out to a location without cell service and let the DC Driver application apply all the necessary the API calculations to the load.

  In this scenario, a dispatcher may want to move a dispatched load from one driver to another driver. When this occurs, the server attempts to take the order that has synced down to the DC Driver application from the driver’s app by deleting the order and cloning the details to a new order number for the new driver. The new driver receives the load on their device and proceed to haul the load.

  Meanwhile, the original driver without cell service accepts the reassigned order and heads to the origin. Now the server receives an update from the deleted and cloned new order that the Dispatcher reassigned. This causes the original order to be reactivated. In this process the DC Driver Application will override any changes made by the server because it has more recent or new data.

  The system acts as intended to retain any data that a driver has recorded. To avoid this scenario, a dispatcher should communicate changes to the driver in any means necessary.

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