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Driver Compliance Software

        The trucking industry is a highly regulated industry and running a trucking company that adheres to those regulations can be difficult. Managing everything from driver certifications to trailer registrations is a daunting task and requires a good amount of organization. Dispatch Commodity has worked with trucking companies large and small over the years to make a comprehensive trucking company management software. We are going to go through some of the most tracked items that we help our customers and you and your company manage and how they integrate with the rest of our system. First let us go over the basics of how Dispatch Commodity helps with your trucking company’s record keeping and then go through a few practical applications.

                Dispatch Commodity has worked to make our record keeping system as flexible as possible to manage a wide variety of customer needs. Our driver compliance software has three modules that all work together Document Types, Compliance Documents, Summary. The base of the three modules would be what type of document you are wanting to manage. This is a broad data point that you can give a custom name, mark it as required, mark that it needs a file uploaded to it and set an expiration length. After creating your custom Document Type you can go to the Compliance Documents module and upload all your files and enter the relevant data and set your requirements and expiration length. Once you have your documents uploaded you can view any non-compliant records on the Summary module page.

Driver CDL Verification

For an easy example let us use Driver CDL you would make your Driver CDL document type make it required for every driver record, require a document (scan of the license itself), and have it set to expire after 365 days. Next in the Compliance Docs module you would pick your driver’s name and upload your document, and this would tie that CDL to that driver. Lastly the Summary module gives you a quick view of any documents that are not compliant. Sticking with our CDL example this means that after 365 days your driver CDL document would show up on this page letting you know that it is time to update the document for your driver.

Smart Dispatching

                With these three modules you can set up whatever document types and subsequent documents your trucking company may want to track or have on record. While our above example focuses on the driver data our compliance software can help you track not only driver data but also any carrier, truck, or trailer data you may want as well. As Dispatch Commodity has collaborated with our customers, we saw a need to only keep this data recorded but to also tie these documents and their compliant status to our dispatching software. For instance, say a carrier wants to track if drivers have their H2S certification for certain oilfield dispatches that require it. As this carrier goes to create a dispatch for a location that required H2S certification the dispatcher will only see drivers that have their valid H2S certification in the list of drivers to dispatch that order to.

Truck and Trailer Registration

                Building on our smart dispatching example our driver compliance also lets you keep track of truck and trailer registration records and tie them to our dispatch software. Very similar to our H2S enforcement our business rules feature allows you to create rules to enforce truck and trailer compliance. Every driver in Dispatch Commodity has a truck and trailer tied to them and using this information you can give dispatchers a list of only drivers that have compliant truck and trailer registrations. This can prevent costly mishaps and protect your business all just by using our driver compliance software.

                These are just a few of the possible ways Dispatch Commodity can help organize and maintain your trucking company’s record keeping with our Driver Compliance software. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you grow your business contact us today!

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