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 With the advent of electronic ticketing in the trucking industry, information and data reporting have become increasingly important. Customers are wanting to have the most up-to-date intel on volumes and load data as soon as it is available. This means trucking companies are having to look for a software solution that provides electronic ticketing, and a means of in depth reporting to give their customers the data they are wanting. Unfortunately, most of the big names in hauling software have taken advantage of this need and instead of offering flexible pricing models for the software, they offer larger “bundles” that include software most smaller carriers don’t necessarily need but are forced to purchase. After a company purchases the bundled software, the support for the features they mainly need might be automated or in some cases cost much more for the feature and for support of that feature. Some software companies recommend extensive reporting tools that work well in practice but might have a catch of additional charges per each report creation and on-going expenses for any edits or updates. These costs add up over time and usually have an extensive development turnaround time that makes any changes costly and inefficient.


  Finding an affordable software solution that offers reporting for trucking companies can be difficult. Even after finding one that has all the features, you and your customers may need you to make this information into a readable and desirable format. This format may be customer specific and only supported by the customer. What if the customers request the report be delivered daily by a set deadline? A strict export schedule can be setup and accomplished via reporting subscriptions or email distribution groups that some trucking software solutions offer. However, most of the companies that offer this feature have a development fee for creating the subscription and may have additional fees for any future updates to the report. If a carrier has just started to roll out their operations, then these additional fees and development wait time equals more startup costs and longer setup lead times hindering business growth. Even larger carriers switching from one software to another being enticed by the up-front features over time will notice the financial drain from ongoing fees for a simple reporting service that is necessary for the efficiency of day-to-day business.


  Dispatch Commodity has its roots in electronic ticketing since 2010, and as technology advanced, we developed our software along with it. As the need for reporting and data management became more and more prevalent in the trucking industry, we developed a robust reporting system for our customers. We know that this data is vital making business profitable, so we include this feature without any charges. Furthermore, we offer training services to empower you to build your own reports and our 24/7 support is available to build and customize any reports you need when you need them. Our reporting subscription services allow hauling companies to automatically send out electronic bill of ladings in addition to any custom reports. We even offer FTP file transfers to directly upload reporting files to customers that support direct uploads. We want to allow companies both big and small to utilize their data and maximize profit and growth with flexible reporting features and minimal setup time.


  One of the most common examples of a report export subscription would be a daily ticket report. Most customers want a report sent in a formatted spreadsheet on a daily or in some cases hourly basis. Other customers require copies of the electronic bill of ladings to be sent along with the reports as well to give a more in-depth level of data. Our integration subscriptions allow both goals to be accomplished with one simple solution without the need for any development of frustrating pay per change support calls. In fact, our trucking software solution can allow a hauling company’s customer to have direct secure access to their ticketing data within their Dispatch Commodity web portal so they can run reports and view live load data whenever they need arises.


  Flexible formatting is equally important for trucking company reporting since there is such a variety of software available. Unfortunately, most big trucking software solutions offer limited reporting that can only be exported in a single in-house format. With all the different types of hauling software, being able to accept mass imports and exports from one software to another is especially difficult. As Dispatch Commodity has offered trucking software solutions for many bulk commodities, we keep our reporting system flexible enough to connect custom integrations with any software. Our customizable reporting software has allowed our customers to seamlessly import and export data between a large variety of trucking software and ticketing software systems.


  For example, in our crude oil hauling customer base there are many times when a customer has a client that exclusively uses a particular software that has restrictions on data formats that are sent and received. Our customer support team analyzes the formatting and creates a custom report tailored to match the clients needs. Then, the support team can add an integration subscription to send the data automatically via email or FTP to the client as needed. Dispatch Commodity has all the software features your bulk commodity hauling company needs with the flexibility and customer service you want. Why wait to make a change? Give us a call today and start getting the most out of your reporting software!