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Elevate Your Trucking Business with Advanced Trucking Payroll Software

Are you seeking a solution to streamline your trucking business operations? Look no further than our cutting-edge Trucking Payroll Software, designed specifically for the logistics and transportation industry. Our software not only simplifies the dispatching and electronic ticketing process but also revolutionizes the way you manage driver settlements and payroll, ensuring your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Unmatched Flexibility in Driver Settlements

Our Trucking Payroll Software introduces unparalleled flexibility in managing settlements across three critical levels: Shipper (Customer), Carrier (Owner & Operator), and Driver (Payroll). This unique feature allows you to seamlessly link each level, ensuring efficient rate cascading from shippers to drivers. With the ability to customize these links, you can easily integrate into a single PriceBook, streamlining the entire settlement process. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and manual data entry – our software enables you to finalize invoicing in just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Invoice and Payroll Management

Control over invoicing and payroll is crucial in the trucking industry. Our Trucking Payroll Software guarantees that your drivers and customers receive payment and invoices accurately and on time. It comes equipped with sophisticated auditing and review capabilities, allowing for precise shipper settlement, carrier settlement, and driver settlement tailored to your business needs. Whether you are dealing with specific route charges or need to adjust for fuel surcharges, our software offers the flexibility to manage financial adjustments swiftly and efficiently.

Simplifying Fuel Surcharges and Driver Payroll

With rising fuel prices, managing fuel surcharges effectively has become a necessity. Our Trucking Payroll Software supports multiple rating methods to accommodate any Fuel Surcharge (FSC) model your business employs. Once set up, the software automatically updates charges based on regional Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PADD) pricing, ensuring accurate billing. Furthermore, settling driver invoices has never been easier. Our system automates the process of sending out driver pay statements, freeing you from the burden of payroll management.

Prevent Double Billing with Settlement Batching

Our software's Settlement Batching feature is designed to prevent the common issue of double billing. By allowing only one order record to be settled at each level, it ensures accuracy and integrity in your billing process. Once orders are settled into a batch, they are protected from unauthorized edits, providing a secure and reliable system for managing your invoices.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Imagine the efficiency gains if your accounting software was fully integrated with your dispatching system. Our Trucking Payroll Software makes this a reality, offering customizable data exports and reporting features that adapt to your customer's invoicing requirements. Whether you need to generate reports in Excel, PDF, or even perform FTP file transfers, our software provides the tools to streamline your operations.

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