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DC Driver Application

Our DC Driver application is easy to use and offers a variety of customizable features to fit your needs.

From dispatch to delivery, the DC Driver application ensures you get the data you need from out in the field to your office quickly and reliably. DC Driver allows your drivers to capture images and scan documents out in the field that are uploaded to your Dispatch Commodity site for back-office use and distribution to customers. Dispatch Commodity allows you to set rules for your drivers ranging from prioritizing certain orders to validating whether driver documentation such as truck and trailer registration and inspections are up to date.

Bulk commodity hauling covers a wide range of products and our flexible ticketing system has accommodated the hauling of crude oil, cattle, sand, asphalt, propane, produced water so no matter what your company hauls DC can handle it. DC Driver also has a customizable questionnaire feature that lets you build forms like job safety analysis reports and pre and post inspections to keep your drivers and business safe and compliant. We also offer a managed software and hardware bundle that includes an android tablet preloaded with all the software you need and a Brother thermal printer to make start up quick and easy.Our DC Driver application combined with our powerful Dispatch Commodity software provides the flexible bulk transport software solution for your company. DC

Drag and Drop Driver Dispatch

Minimize deadhead and maximize profits with drag and drop driver dispatch software.

Driver dispatch software should not be complicated and hard to use. Our Dispatch Planner makes it easy to drag and drop loads on drivers based on minimal deadhead miles and estimated cost of time for each load, which the system continues to learn and update automatically.Dispatch Commodity's Dispatch Planner can also show drivers based on their availability to ensure the correct drivers receive dispatches.

The Dispatch Planner also features a variety of filters that can be saved to your specific Dispatch Commodity site profile to help make sure you only see the information you need to dispatch your loads quickly and easily. Move dispatched loads from one driver to another by simply dragging the order tile off one driver and dropping it on the new driver--no more complicated spreadsheets or clunky data entry needed. Our goal is to make your driver dispatch as easy as possible so you can focus on growing your business and increasing profits.

Driver Tracking

Our Driver Map feature allows you to audit and track your entire fleet from your computer! Drivers leave a digital footprint when accepting, picking up, and dropping off loads.

This digital footprint, paired with GPS tracking, stores recorded driver activity, and allows for transit playback. Geofence technology assures that drivers will be alerted when trying to pick-up or drop-off loads outside of a defined location. As an added feature, loads can be dispatched based on how close a driver is to a defined location.

Dispatch Commodity's electronic ticketing software, DC Driver, not only tracks drivers but has Google Maps built in to allow quick access to navigation. Some locations are difficult to navigate to, so our software allows custom navigation points, custom driving directions, and dispatching notes to be shown to drivers while out in the field to help drivers focus on the job and not waste time searching for a location.

Finance Management

Dispatch Commodity offers a suite of finance management tools to help your business maximize profits. Handle all of your finances in Dispatch Commodity and eliminate the need for separate shipper, carrier, and driver settlement software.

Dispatch Commodity's settlement feature allows our clients to easily close out loads in batches for invoicing to customers as well as payments to carriers and drivers. Customized reports linked to the Pricebook and Settlement feature allow users to export previews in their reporting templates or export the final invoice with a tailored header.

Our flexible Pricebook system allows you to easily set up invoicing for any bulk transportation services your company may offer. With three levels of settlement (shipper, carrier, and driver) Pricebook can help make every penny count. Know what to expect when gauging the ROI or profitability between invoicing and payroll. Now

Dispatch Commodity is reliable. user friendly. 24/7/365. compatible. mobile. 100% U.S. based.

Our Features

24/7/365 Customer Support

Around the clock support to make sure you get the help you need.

Drag and Drop Dispatch Software

Simply drag and drop your loads onto the driver you want with our easy to use bulk transport dispatch software.

Custom Ticket Data Fields

Customize your ticket fields to fit your bulk transport needs.

Software Compatibility

Dispatch Commodity is compatible with a wide range of business software.

Easy Access

All you need to access Dispatch Commodity is a web browser and an account.

Live Ticket Data

View ticket data as it is filled out.

Hardware and Software Bundles

Get your drivers in the field fast with our ready to go tablet and printer bundles powered by our Dispatch Commodity bulk transport software.

Report Subscriptions

Automatically send reports to customers with report subscriptions.