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Transportation Management Software and Owner Operators

Transportation Management Software (TMS) once was only available to larger fleets and trucking companies. Now with TMS being more accessible than ever some owner operators can utilize software to boost productivity and efficiency. Owner Operators are truck drivers who own and operate their own trucks and trailers. Normally, larger trucking companies will hire owner operators to help them when large influxes of demand occur and cannot be handled by the company owned fleet equipment and drivers. This generally means that owner operators work a set amount of time for a company and then move to a different company as the work is available. Some owner operators even have multiple drivers working under the same carrier’s name but function the same in the sense that they rely on a larger company to broker the hauling contracts and are not tied any leased equipment. When relying on a larger company for work, this also means that certain jobs require the use of electronic dispatch and electronic ticketing software.


As an owner operator, having the ability to use a TMS with a variety of other software is extremely important. Having a centralized system to manage your own personal dispatching and finances can save a lot of time. The wide variety of features and functionality that can be personalized for each user completely tips the scale towards improving efficiencies and productivity. Combine the features with the current user process and tasks like auditing tickets to payroll and order validation become much less time consuming.


TMS normally comes with a hefty price tag and proprietary hardware like an iPad or custom Android device that is only configured to run their software. Ideally, as an owner operator you want to look for TMS that can run on multiple platforms and integrate easily with other third-party applications or even other transportation management software.




Core elements for any TMS software are straightforward. At a minimum you want to find software that include the 4 key items below.



Financial Management

Electronic Ticketing

Combine this with the ability to integrate with other third-party software and you can easily manage your data while working with any company.


Dispatch Commodity offers an extremely flexible TMS that does everything mentioned above while putting our customers first! Whether you are an owner operator or have your own fleet of trucks, give us a call today for the best transportation management software and outstanding world-class customer service.